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About Aoyama, Wyckoff

Located in Boulder Run Shopping Center in Wyckoff, NJ, Aoyama French Thai & Japanese opened in April of 2012 after almost two years of careful preparation. It was immediately embraced by the nearby communities and labeled as a neighborhood gem and praised as a great addition to the North Jersey food scene.

Despite having a high-end appearance, the restaurant has a casual atmosphere which accommodates many family gatherings. The design and layout of the restaurant make the space a great place for parties, group gatherings, late night dining and semi-formal business events.

Many who see the term “French Thai & Japanese cuisine” think we offer three types of cuisines. French Thai is actually a type of Thai food with a shade of French flavor. Every dish has been carefully crafted by the owner, Peter Liang, who has twenty years of experience working as a chef in various restaurants. Some specialty appetizers include Peking Duck Crepe, Red Snapper Carpaccio and our popular Golden Curry Puff, Chicken or Shrimp Sate. At our Sushi Bar, we have many special rolls like the Aoyama Roll, the Godzilla Roll, and the Dream and Dream Roll. Not only are our entire selection of special rolls very distinct and worth a taste, but they are all widely welcomed by the customers at the other two Aoyama sister restaurants in Martinsville and Mendham. Our French Thai cuisine includes popular dishes like Bangkok Duck, Phuket Jumbo Shrimp, Pan Seared Ostrich and Royal Massaman Curry. Our variety of Thai noodle dishes have been acclaimed by native Thai customers as extremely authentic and traditional.

As well as providing delicious and remarkable Thai & Japanese food that meets the highest standards of quality, freshness and seasonality, Aoyama French Thai & Japanese is committed to providing top-notch and attentive service. We have special menus for large group gatherings on site and catering menus. Please come to savor the flavor of this new dining experience.

Reservations are strongly recommended for weekend and may be requested through our website, OpenTable, call in or email.